October 2019 Meeting Minutes

Gettysburg Garden Club Meeting Minutes October 24, 2019

President Robin Kendlehart presided. 

President’s Report: Robin talked about the importance of participation of members in Club activities.

Recording Secretary’s Report: Pam Haze reported that the September 27 Club meeting notes were approved and posted on the Club’s website.

Treasurer’s Report:  Connie Holland reviewed the September 2019 Treasurer’s Report including interest income and disbursements for printing the yearbook, greens sale supplies, flowers for the September program, postage, and District IV and GCFP dues. The ending balance is $23,461 including the Blue Star Maintenance Fund of $2,680. Connie reviewed a September financial report for the Downtown Flower Project, including disbursements for watering and horticulture and donations received of $1,575. These are not Club funds, but are public monies collected through contributions. She reported completion of an audit of the Club’s finances.

Connie announced the decision of the Board to raise the amount that can be spent for flowers purchased in memory of a Club member from $50 to $150. She also reminded members to read the newsletter that provides timely information about Club events.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Charlotte Melchiorre reported that sympathy cards were sent to Dotty Fidler’s and Edie Reinhart’s families. Thank you notes were sent to Kay Hoch for donating $50 that she received for judging at the South Mountain Fair to the Club and to Betty Pue for hosting workshops at her house. Charlotte read a letter received from a student teacher who stayed with Edie and Ken Reinhart while she was teaching in Gettysburg and also provided a donation in memory of Edie.

Membership Report: Regina Hollar introduced Marty Qually a new Club member.

Programs Report: Noemi Halbrendt thanked Karen and Connie for help lining up today’s program, Gorilla Gardening with Ralph Serpe.

Ways and Means Report: On behalf of Betty Pue, Chair of Ways and Means, Pam Haze asked members to fill out a short survey to help inform them about the interests of Club members in activities that will be taking place during the Christmas greens and gourmet gift sale workshops on December 2 through 5.

Publicity Report: Patricia Green reviewed recent articles written by Club members, Karen Szoke and Connie Holland.

Hostess and Hospitality Committee: Connie Farabaugh introduced the hospitality committee including Cornelia Saltzman, Grace Zaveckas, Sheri Moore, Patricia Richardson, and Sue Wilson and she thanked them for their contributions.

Civic Development: Karen Szoke spoke on behalf of Linda Golembieski and thanked the members that turned out for fall clean-up of the flower beds in Lincoln Square, including Pat Hinkle, Cornelia Saltzman, Karen and Ed Szoke, Maryan Daniels, Grace Zaveckas, and Judy Bugert. She also thanked the members that watered the planters at the fire house during 2019 including Pat Hinkle, Joe Richardson, Kay Hoch, and Pat Thorsen.


Giving Spree: Pam Haze reminded members that the Giving Spree will take place on November 7, from 4 to 7 pm at the Gettysburg Area Middle School, which is located at 37 Lefever Street. Members are encouraged to attend and arrive at the beginning of the Spree when $10 coins are handed out for contribution to one of about 80 nonprofit organizations. Donations made at the Spree are matched. Garden Club members will be at the Spree to meet and greet potential donors.


Pam Haze, Recording Secretary




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