April 2015 Yard of the Month

April 2015 Yard of the Month
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Norman & Carolyn Nunamaker, 135 Knoxlyn Road

The Gettysburg Garden Club is pleased to present its April Award of the Month to Norman and Carolyn Nunamaker, of 135 Knoxlyn Rd., for their early-riser spring flowers. An April award is always “iffy” due to spring’s casual arrival. But the Yard of the Month Committee found a winner with the Nunamakers’ daffodils.

This inviting-looking home has been theirs for 50+ years. Norman’s career led him to the music faculty of Gettysburg College. Carolyn’s education path led her to a school principalship for ten years. He also founded the Gettysburg Chamber Orchestra, and she served as business manager.

Their cozy-looking home is situated near the front of the property, with woods behind.

At first glance, you don’t notice the transformation beginning to take place. But then your eyes are drawn to the pretty yellow and white daffodils waving in the breeze, with more poking their heads above ground each day. From the neat gravel path from the garage to the front door, Norman points out the small blue and white Glory of the Snow flowers, and the deep blue Spring Glory blooms. Both of these flowers are bulbs that have naturalized the area and are deer resistant.

Carolyn says that they removed the front yard’s grass early on, and began planting the space so there is color through most of the growing season. There are several Norway spruce which provide constant background color. Azaleas are planted in several patches behind shorter plants, awaiting their days of glory, as are several clusters of decorative grasses. In addition, the season delivers freshness when the daylilies, irises, echinaceas, sedum, hostas, and monkshood all have their turns at center stage!

The Nunamakers noted that shade has been their biggest problem. About 15-18 years ago they removed a large silver maple from the front yard, and began adding more flowers, as well as several ornamental trees— styrx and Japanese snow bells in its place. Other trees remained, and were under planted with shade-loving hostas, sweet woodruff, hellebores, Solomon seal, and fox gloves. They planted 100 daffodils each year for awhile, which paid off in a winning way. And finally, several truckloads of topsoil added over the years have been the “icing on the cake.”

Carolyn likes best to walk among the flowers, with the irises being her favorites due to their shape and color. Norman’s favorites are the daylilies which he willingly deadheads. He even has a multi-colored hybrid daylily named after him. Its name? Norman’s Folly. And he also take pride in having a 5-minute mowing job!

Their advice to wannabe gardeners is first of all, “gardening has to be fun.” Then, it “should always be a work in progress.” And finally, “Keep it well mulched.”

The Nunamakers are happy with their early flower showing, and the Gettysburg Garden Club is pleased to recognize their efforts.


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